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Tax Exempt Portal Request Form. Questions? Reach Out To Us.

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Steps To Request Local Pickup

1) Create a user account

2) Email proof of tax exemption to

3) Wait for email notification of approval

4) Order tax free with your login(s)

Common Questions

What if our tax status changes?

You must notify us within 30 days of any changes to your tax status and prior to your next order. If any changes incurs additional taxes, the customer is liable for any and all taxes that were not collected, plus any additional expenses taken on by Vela.

What happens if tax exemption request is denied?

If verification of the tax exemption is unsuccessful, we will submit the reason for the outcome. In many cases, it may be minor issues with the form, lack of a signature, out of date certification, or a certification that does not cover our sector. We generally recommend quick resubmission.

Can we add another user to our tax exemption account?

Yes. Just email us at with your main account and provide proof of the new member’s association to the entity.

Which states does Vela have nexus with? Do we have to file for states without a sales tax?

We have operations and partnerships in many states which equates to sales tax nexus in those states. It is advised that you provide sales tax forms for any and all states you are ordering from, regardless if the state currently has a sales tax or not.

Do international orders have any allowed sales tax exemptions?

We update HS codes for all our products and work with certified customs brokers for shipping and distribution internationally who deal with VAT and other added taxes and tariffs. If you are a B2B, in academia or a non-profit internationally that provides tax exemptions locally, after making your purchase, please contact your local tax authority with a tax refund request.

Do sales tax exemptions expire?

State by state, tax emption certification varies from one to five years. We require that exemptions for every state you wish products to be shipped to be resubmitted each year for this reason. Please send updated exemption certificates to and we will keep your account current.

When does the 30-day window for returns begin?

The 30-day window for returns begins upon delivery of your order. At this time, we generally do not accept any returns past the 30-day window. If special circumstances have occurred, please reach out to our support team at

What carriers can we use to make a return?

We accept deliveries from any major carriers and freight, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and LTL.

Can we make returns locally in Michigan?

Pinckney, Michigan local drop off can be schedules by emailing our team at team with a time and order approval number. Deliveries are accepted Monday-Friday.

Will we be notified if there are any issues with the inspection of returned products?

Our team inspects each product and matches our notes to what was submitted in the return form. If there is a discrepancies, we immediately notify you via your listed email and let you know of any further actions that might be required. If additional products are damaged, removed from wrap or otherwise effected, your account will be refunded accordingly.

What payment options are available for my refund?

We can provide a direct refund on your order, an exchange or store credit. Store credit will be sent via digital gift card and is valid for all Vela products and shipping. This gift card does not expire. If payment was made via check, the refund must also be issued by check or given as store credit.

How long will it take for my refund to be processed and put back in my account?

Store credit is issued immediately. A refund to a credit card or through PayPal generally takes 1-2 days to process once we put the refund through. Orders paid for by check will be refunded by check. These generally take 2-3 days to arrive via USPS first-class mail.

 More questions? Reach us here.