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Buy & Save Program

Save on any combination notebook or pad.

New, recertified, preorder, amazon fulfilled -get the same discount across your entire order. For your next price break see your cart or minicart anytime.

Quantity Discount

Any 3 Notebooks Or Pads

3% Total Discount

Any 6 Notebooks Or Pads

4% Total Discount

Any 9 Notebooks Or Pads

5% Total Discount

Any 12 Notebooks Or Pads

6% Total Discount

Any 24 Notebooks Or Pads

7% Total Discount

Any 48 Notebooks Or Pads

8% Total Discount

Any 72 Notebooks Or Pads

9% Total Discount

Any 96 Notebooks Or Pads

10% Total Discount

Any 144 Notebooks Or Pads

11% Total Discount

Any 240 Notebooks Or Pads

12% Total Discount

Any 480 + Notebooks Or Pads

13% Total Discount

Any 760+ Notebooks Or Pads

14% Total Discount


Where are my calculated discounts displayed?

Your total discount, and per product discounted price are always visible in the header mini cart dropdown, and on the cart and checkout pages. Discounts are always calculated real time in all currencies.

What is not included in the Buy More & Save program?

Pens, accessories, and customization options have separate - calculated discounts. Likewise, shipping is discounted based on weight not number of products, directly.

Do discount programs work in conjunction with the Buy & Save program?

Yes! If you are eligible for a discount program, you discount is applied first then Buy & Save discount is applied when applicable.

Does the Buy & Save program work in all currencies/countries?

Yes, currency and destination do not impact discount rates. All countries and currencies qualify.

Standard and filler sheets included under discount?

Yes! For ease of ordering, and easier means of saving as a system, we have grouped on all sheets & filler papers into the Buy & Save program.