Advantages Physical & Digital Lab Notebooks

see link on bookfactory in starter kit -more connected, better recall of ideas/thoughts -more secure -more accountability/traceability -

Maximizing Page Area, A Price Guide

Bookbinding and volume all impact price in often unaparent,  Maximizing usable page space.  Book to Book Comparison Size Style Ordering Volume
Lay Flat By The Numbers, A Guide

Lay Flat By The Numbers, A Guide

soft and hard, open and close spine, open up the book after shipping. durable, wont hurt the book, will just allow the book to stay open on the bench.

New Endings – Ways To Close A Lab Notebook

Proposal to allocate last two pages to closing (closing reference book number for continued projects - as books are not always in numerical order ...

Why Choose Hardcover?

  LayFlat - hardcover lay more flat than softcovers , and larger the book and more pages the more lay flat the hardcover.  Durability - case, reinf...

Positive Actions, Discount Programs

4 areas where to focus educator,enrichent,    sign up below for your program FAQ

Page Book Numbers, Stamp Or Write (A Time Study)

The Question_ ISO requires a book number for every book, and this to be denoted on every user page. How long does it take to write that number on e...

The Case For Ribbon Markers (A Time Study)

The Question_ Do ribbon markers increase the time you have in the lab.    The Peremiters_ Find 36 pages (use 2-4 pages per session), average time r...

Expanding, New Reach

Partnered With Internal Carrier, Providing deeply discounted shipping as well as real time duties and vat taxed on your behalf. In process of estab...

New Standard Layouts

Now available in our Oversized notebooks (9.25 x 11.75 in, mm) are our Standard Dot Grid And Ruled + layouts. Dot Grid  Ruled+  

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