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International Ordering: Optimized

As part of our commitment to making shipping as simple as possible for all of our customers, we have implemented a new system that automatically generates and distributes both VAT and regional taxes on behalf of customers in 95 countries. 

This is thanks, in part, to our partnerships with freight brokers and international, North American and European shippers who are able to offer discounted rates.

How this helps you, the customer:

  • This new system offers transparency with international tracking and customs clearance so you know when to expect a delivery.
  • Time is saved with border crossing inspections.
  • There's an increase in clarity about VAT due and which party is paying. This ensures no surprise fees at the time of delivery.
  • Tax fees can be paid in USD or in 70+ local currencies.
  • Overall, this system allows us to offer cost reductions for customers.


We hope that these improvements allow more labs and researchers working abroad to consider purchasing Vela products and allow for more time and money to be focused on the work at hand instead of procurement.

We're consistently working to improve the shopping and shipping experience for our international customers—we're even working on opening up international warehouse locations, which we hope to share more on soon.

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