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The Question_

ISO requires a book number for every book, and this to be denoted on every user page. How long does it take to write that number on every page? Real time vs time removing trains of thoughts:


The Perimeters_

Finding spot-writing digits-remembering number, variations in writing time, 

s7 model, 128pages / 144 Pages, total time saved /   240 Pages


The Results_


128-Page Model 144-Page Models 240-Page Model
3-Digits 12-17 minutes minutes minutes
4-Digits minutes minutes minutes
5-Digits minutes minutes minutes

Assigning value monetarily is difficult, but average $25 USD - $95USD we will use a conservative $30/hour can see the 


The Summary_

This is 



Can you choose what color the number is stamped in?

Vela Sciences

Hello Jim, any standard Vela variation can be stamped per page, regardless of layout.
Thank you for the question!

Jim Henry

Can the stamp be added to any Vela books?

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