Vela E7-D Expanded Hardcover Lab Notebook, Dark Gray, 9.25 x 11.75 in, 144 Pages, 5mm Dot Grid+

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Item No: E7-D       
Page Size: 9.25 x 11.75
Layout: Dot Grid+
Pages: 144 (72 Sheets) 
Weight: 1.85 lb

The Vela Expanded Hardcover features the full vela layout in a durable, lay-flat, permanently sewn case. The printed, laminated cover is a more economic option than our DuraCover and ProCover options, the main difference being the lack of a ribbon marker and a printed and laminated cover more prone to wear and scuffing over the life of the book.

  • Complete lab-ready design with full user index, numbered pages, user information blocks, user summary page, and abbreviation and reference chart
  • Permanent, tamper-evident, binding is sewn in low page-count signatures to maximize durability of the book and offer more lay-flat pages
  • Archival quality acid-free construction for permanent archiving
  • Heavyweight (105gsm) paper minimizes distracting ink showthrough
  • Made in USA with ECF & SFI certified papers 


Layout Specifications:

    Page Count: 144
    Grid Pages: 134
    Page Layout: Dot Grid+ (5mm) 
    Page Numbers: Yes
    User Summary Block: Yes
    Signature & Date Blocks: Yes 
    Print Color: Light Gray 
    User Information Page: Yes
    User Index: Yes
    Abbreviation Table: Yes
    Reference Chart: Yes


    Material Specifications:

    Paper Caliper: 105 gsm (70 lbs) 
    Paper Whiteness: 91
    Paper Smoothness: 5.2
    Paper Opacity: 95
    Manufacturing: Acid-Free 
    Paper Certifications: SFI & ECF
    Endsheet: FSC, SFI & ECF Certified  
    Ink Base: Soy Base
    Cover: Printed & Laminated 
    Ribbon Marker: No 

    User Guides: 

    Writing: We recommend archival, pigment-based inks such as Copic or Micron. These inks reduce show through and will not yellow or fade over time.

    Cover Care: Printed covers show wear and fingerprints over time, simply wash with wet rag periodically, if not effective Windex has also shown to be effective on printed cases. DuraCover and ProCover should require minimal care, a wet rag should suffice in cleaning off dust, fingerprints, etc.

    Lay-Flat: Sewn book blocks lay more flat with use. To expedite this process open and close and apply pressure to the spine every few pages or so. Smaller books and softcovers intrinsically lay less flat than larger, hardcovers. We, therefore, recommend purchasing large hardcovers when trying to maximize how lay-flat your book will be on the bench.

    Adhesives: We recommend an archival, permanent adhesive for applying all printed matter. The industry standard for this application is Neschen Archival Tape.

    Storage: Avoid contact with any aggressive solutions, store out of direct sunlight in stable, low humidity conditions. It is generally recommended to store laboratory notebooks in a secure, monitored location.

    Guides: Please reference our user guides page for a library of printable guides as well as powerpoints and other teaching aides on lab notebook protocols.


    For orders of 24 units or more we offer a range of cover, endsheet, and layout customization options. 


    Cover Options

    We offer over 40 foil and deboss options to brand your books, with the capability to stamp any book with up to six colors and die variations. We can create simple text debossing from our basic lettering, produce custom dies for branding, and also offer sequential stamping for any series of books (limited to 8 digits). 

    For larger orders, we also offer custom cloth and synthetic leather and ribbon marker options to meet the demands or match the branding of your lab. Please contact us for more details on what our bindery can do for you. 

    Endsheet Options

    Endsheets are the first and last page in hardcovers. These are printed separately from the remainder of the bookblock, and can be easily customized for your needs, be that custom branding, sequential numbering, or variable data (1 color to 4 colors). Endsheets can be customized in any of our hardcovers. Please contact us for more details about endsheet customizations. 


    Layout Options

    For complete customization of your notebook, we can create special layouts for the bookblock. Branded pages, listed projects, book numbers, and other variable data to name some options. We can even create special layouts with different grid dimensions, page sizes, or types of paper. Due to the nature of bookbinding, most full custom jobs start around 250 units as a minimum order size and grows with the complexity of the journal. But we are always excited to create something new, that maximizes your labs time and performance! Just contact us for more details. 


     Any questions? Please contact us for more details!




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