Standard Cover

Our standard cover is a printed heavyweight stock coated with a durable, scuff resistant, lay-flat laminate. This specialized laminate helps the book lay more and more flat over time and protects the book from water and chemical damage. If you are looking for more durable options please see our DuraCover and ProCover options.
B3-A / Compact Softcover - Ruled - Vela Sciences
B3-B / Compact Softcover - Grid - Vela Sciences
B7-A / Standard Softcover - Ruled
B7-B / Standard Softcover - Grid
B7-C / Standard Softcover - Grid+
B7-D / Standard Softcover - Dot
E7-A / Standard Hardcover - Ruled
E7-B / Standard Hardcover - Grid
E7-C / Standard Hardcover  - Grid+
W5-E / Standard Wirebound - Grid/Ruled
W7-B / Standard Wirebound - Grid
W7-D / Standard Wirebound - Dot